Online poll for DMO-s in Albania, results and interpretation

A questionnaire was formulated in the frame of the project and distributed from 1 April to 30 April 2021 to more than 200 tourism actors in some destinations: Gjirokastra, Saranda, Tirana, Lezha, Dibra, Vlora etc with the aim to test the readiness of tourism businesses for creation of DMOs and gather their feedback.

The majority  of people filled the questionnaire are individuals working in tourism as freelancer and the second category is hotels, followed by restaurants and tour operators.

When asked about years in business, 30% of the businesses were start up 1-5 years old, 25,6 have been operating from 5-10 years and 30,8% are older than 10 years in the market.

To the question of where the business are advertised, what channels do they use for promotion, majority respond that social media is their main channel of promotion followed by Websites and other platforms like booking and tripadvisor, and a few use google.

To the question about tourism destination, how much does it need to be managed, have new touristic products and infrastructure, most of respondents agree that there Is a strong need for this, almost 33 %.  Similar response is to the other question about the need of marketing for the destination, where 35.9 responded with score 10.  To the question : Do you think that your destination needs a big number of tourist or rather not many tourist but tourists with high spend, 53.8 responded in the favor of the later, while 46% preferred high number of tourists.

To the question about the weakest point of tourism in your destination, 43.6% responded  the main problem is lack of vision, followed by lack our tourism products with 38.5 % and tourism infrastructure with 35.9%.

To the question: what is the highest risk that hinder tourism development in your area, majority of  respondents agree about lack of cooperation between public and private sector 69%, followed by informality 43.6 %, and low touristic potential 38.5 %.


See the full results here: Raport Pyetesori

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