Training journalists to identify the polluters of Lake Ohrid

Training journalists to identify the polluters of Lake Ohrid, Albanian side
Lake Ohrid, Albanian side inscribed in UNESCO in July 2019, joining the other part of Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia, a mix heritage (1979-1980). In the same year, UNESCO threatened to list this property as heritage in danger, presented 19 recommendations to be addressed. In 44th session last year this warning was repeated. Albanian side has many problems especially with illegal fishing and construction, with waste management, detergents and mine leaks, which are polluting the lake. DMO Albania produced an investigative report on polluters of Lake Ohrid Albanian side, and presented to all stakeholders (2019), but since then nothing has been done and problems remained. We want to gather environment journalists in a workshop in Pogradec, to train and make them aware to cover these issues Read more:
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