From hell to hell: The story of Albanian survivors from Mauthausen concentration camp

This project tells the story of Albanian survivors from the notorious concentration camp of Mauthausen in Austria, by shaping, recording their personal stories and collecting documents form Albanian archive regarding National Socialist period in Albania.
The stories are unique, since they escape the hell to live in another hell, in Communist regime of Dictator Enver Hoxha. Some of them were imprisoned again in dictatorship, considered as spies or collaborators with foreign enemies. Our aim is not only to collect and record their stories, but to create educational opportunities for young generations, to offer them tools to learn this part of history, from Albanians point of view.
The project will create a living archive room in the National Historical Museum of Albania, to connect the institution with the city and with community, especially with young generations who don’t know much about this period. An exhibition and a digital storytelling will lead the audience to places of that era, accompanied by the voices of Albanian survivors.
Survived people and their familiars from Albania (Tirana, Durres, Vlora) will tell their history as victims of National Socialism and then as survivors in communism. Through the national and international collaboration we will enable an innovative multimedia project to educate generations that what happened, should never be repeated again.
The aim of the project is make the history more "inclusive", recognizable as a personal and collective experience in a site-specific manner. It builds a bridge between the museum as a place of remembrance and the cities of Albania as a `memorial` space. The project focuses on a microscopic, bottom-up view on history.
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