Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Albania

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities” – UNWTO

In other words: Sustainable Tourism is the tourism that maximize the profits for communities, but minimize the negative impact in environment.

For a sustainable tourism in Albania:  Respect nature and cultural assets, treasure every tradition we have, enjoy but leave no footprints behind, love what we inherited by our fatherlands. Albania luckily still have untouched and pristine nature. Our vision is to lobby for a sustainable tourism in Albania where all visitors are responsible. They should have in mind to travel and live sustainably and in harmony with the environment. This includes not only a respect for nature and wildlife, but also people and their age-old customs.

DMO Albania is offering training on Sustainable Tourism for tour operators, hotels and destinations. Sustainable Tourism is not a new form of tourism, but it is the future of tourism. Gradually the tourism offer should be sustainable in order to be competitive. Sustainable tourism is in line with Sustainable Development Goals SDG of UN for 2030. It means that tourism should focus in securing sustainable profits for communities, preservation of culture, tradition, natural assets and protecting the environment.

DMO ALBANIA staff is trained by GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) and is ready to help with training in all criteria for destination, tour operators and hotels.

Here are 4 pillars of sustainable tourism:

(A) Sustainable management; (DMOs, public private community partnership, solid structure and financial support, long term strategy)

(B) Sustainable economy (Distribution of profits for all communities, decent work and payment etc )

(C) Sustainable culture (protecting cultural assets, tradition minimizing negative impacts

(D) Sustainable Environmental (reducing waste and pollution, saving water, recycling, and minimizing all negative effects of climate change)

Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations

GSTC-Destination-Criteria-v2 0-ALB


Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Tourism Industry


Are you interested to know more about Sustainable Tourism? We organize tailored training workshop for groups minimum 4 people


Eva Kushova is trained for Sustainable Tourism by GSTC in Switzerland

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