DMO Albania

A nonprofit Destination Managing and Marketing Organization, based in Tirana.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote Albania by highlighting and marketing the rich diversity, history, landscape, and culture of each city and region in the country. Albania is considered the newly discovered destination, and is recommended widely by the most prestigious touristic platforms, mostly for its beaches, for UNESCO sites, and for the hospitality of people.

But does everyone really knows Albania and its identity? We have been for 50 years in dictatorship regime, being one of the most isolated country in the world. Apart that, we behave for 50 years as the regime asked us to do. We celebrated only the days the regime ordered to. So many old tradition, values were kept hidden, but preserved in families in decades. Now everything is reviving, the traditions, the old celebrations, the values, the artisan works, the old rituals, which consist in our identity for centuries. Each city, each area, from north to the south, from east to the west has something special and unique to show to the world. And this is our mission. To identify, discover, and promote those unique values of every destinations.

We are a team of tourism experts, media experts and online promoters who joined in a tourism board to brand the destinations of Albania in a new level. DMO Albania is the one and only for the moment such organisation i Albania, aiming to draft strategies on certain destination, to create new touristic products and to promote oflline and online this destination.

We started with Tirana, creating the tourism platform www.visit-tirana.com, and promoting the Capital every day, through articles and social media marketing We are continuing with Gjirokastra, UNESCO city, but promoting the whole region of Gjirokastra qark, including Permet, Tepelena and rural areas. We have many other projects, such as unique events, and projects in ecotourism and environments. We are dedicated to promote a sustainable development of the destinations we are branding through our work.

Our Aim

DMO Albania aims to play a key role in long-term development of a city or region by formulating an effective travel and tourism strategy. Additional projects are currently underway especially in UNESCO sites. We coordinate this strategy with local stakeholders in the cities or regions. We start with creating a website for the whole destination, listing there all the attractions, tours, touristic products, hotels and restaurants, events, and practical information. All our tourism platforms are in two languages or more. We integrate social media and we work very hard with reaching the target audience through social media,

videos, and photography from the city or region we are promoting. Then we create more new products, and new events, which are very attractive for foreign and domestic tourists. Our aim is not to create the similar campaigns in all destinations, but to play with the unique values of the area and to differentiate the destinations for each other. We know how to do it. Our final aim is that every destination in Albania to have tourists during all the year, a controlled tourism and not over tourism. We aim to boost the economies of each city or destination, to help young people to promote their home country and to live here.


With DMO Albania, a vibrant tourism scene for festivals, arts & culture, and sporting events will continue to unfold in an effort to increase tourism in this beautiful country.