Online Promotions

Promoting a destination is not a easy thing to do. You have to work in accordance with a marketing strategy to bring the right benefits to this destination. If you promote a destination for its beaches, are you sure that there is enough capacity for accommodation, restaurants and other entertainments that these kind of tourists are looking for? Until now we have seen different tour operators, and even national agencies who are promoting Albania chaotically, sometimes promoting beaches, sometime the culinary, sometimes Alps, without knowing the potential of these areas. We should know what to promote, and to be ready to welcome tourists if we promote such a destination.

We know the specifics and touristic value for each destination in Albania, and we know what to promote…

We work perfectly with all social media channels, and we manage plenty of them to promote Albania, such as Visit Tirana, Visit Berat, Visit Gjirokastra, Visit Saranda.. etc

We know how to engage the communities, writing in English and in Albanian language. We organize many social media contest to raise the community and to engage them. We think that online promotions should be done in proportion with the measures taken in the ground for each destination, in order to make sure that tourists are satisfied.