Online Promotions

DMO Albania has deep knowledge of the specifics and touristic value for each destination in Albania. We work with communities and stakeholders to highlight these values and then amplify them toward reaching our targeted audience.
We have built online presence and reputation for destinations through several projects and initiatives such as: Visit Tirana, Visit Berat, Visit Gjirokastra, Visit Saranda...etc
We know how to engage the local communities as well as international travelers. We organize many social media contests to raise the community and to engage them.
We think that online promotions should be done in proportion with the measures taken in the ground for each destination, in order to make sure that tourists are satisfied.
The tourism platforms built by us, offer the full inventory of every destination and contains unique content blogs and travel tips about what to do and what to expect when visiting the destinations, so that the visitors are empowered with all information they need in order to explore a destination on their own.
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