Destination Marketing

Destination management/ marketing organisations vary in form, function, governance and size but essentially take a lead role in the management and development of tourism in a destination. DMO ALBANIA encourages and supports the development of Destination Management Plans throughout Albania as an essential tool in the delivery of a successful visitor economy. National Government policy encourages destination organisations to become focused and efficient bodies that are increasingly led by the private sector. Destination Management Plans are one mechanism to achieve this. Without a management plan, every destination can be developing in chaotic way. The plans and strategy of DMO Albania for each destination should be synchronized with government policies. Now the time has come that each destination of Albania should have its management plan and strategy. We are professionals working in tourism and cultural heritage for many years. We are aware for the potentials Albania have as a tourist destination. We know specifically what you can do in one city of Albania or in another. We are able to build tourism strategy for each destination in Albania in order to generate visitors and income for the people leaving in these places. Destination Management is a process of leading, influencing and coordinating the management of all the aspects of a destination that contribute to a visitor’s experience, taking account of the needs of visitors, local residents, businesses and the environment. A Destination Management Plan (DMP) is a shared statement of intent to manage a destination over a stated period of time, articulating the roles of the different stakeholders and identifying clear actions that they will take and the apportionment of resources.