Destination Marketing

DMO Albania has taken a lead role in the management and development of tourism destinations in Albania.
Now the time has come that each destination of Albania should have its management plan and strategy. Destination Management is a process of leading, influencing and coordinating the management of all the aspects of a destination that contribute to a visitor’s experience, taking into account of the needs of visitors, local residents, businesses and the environment.

Building a destination brand strategy can focus key targets, depending on the area and the offerings, which may include:

  • Understanding and highlighting the market perceptions of your destination

  • Capturing the unique essence of your destination and its special attributes

  • Building on media and cultural references that link to your destination

The first step for any successful destination branding campaign is to understand how a destination is perceived and then either change tired expectations, or amplify more unique positive ones. The expectation of the experience is all in the brand promise of destination brand, and your branding needs to really ‘dial up’ the experience that you want your destination to reflect, and be associated with, in a way that’s truly unique and relevant to your primary target audience.

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