Visit Tirana- a destination marketing organisation in the capital of Albania

Visit Tirana is a private Destination Marketing Organization, the biggest such organisation in Tirana. Our mission is to promote Tirana as a tourist destination, to share our history and culture,  and to create unique tourists products and events, enriching cultural life and educating young generation with our  values.

Visit Tirana has raised its reputation serving to tourists for free, every day, replying to their requests and questions, emails, calls about Tirana, becoming the main source of information (info point) for Tirana. The requests start from ways of transportations to different places to Tirana and in other city, the location of attractions, booking the tours, asking for tourist guides, etc

Especially during pandemic, Visit Tirana become the only source of information, for tourists and other citizens asking for rules, updated restrictions for COVID19, informing in English for every information regarding the pandemic.

Visit Tirana continued to promote the city carefully, citing gradually the rules for opening of the country.

Visit Tirana is established as a tourist information portal 6 years ago. It was the first platform identified and listed all the cultural and natural attractions of the Capital of Albania, continuing with producing unique tours such as what to do in 24 hours, 48 hours, or more days in Albania, tours about communism past, culinary, wine and olive oils tours etc.

Our staff, even though very limited, is replying every day to dozens emails coming from different countries, asking information about Tirana, events, and so on.

Visit Tirana has a database of events, updated every month. Since 2016 we produce our monthly newsletter,  reaching 51 numbers, (in two languages) with news, information and latest tour packages offered and recommended for tourists. Every month starts with our article what to do in Tirana, each month, which is very anticipated by our followers. Visit Tirana is the first page in Google for all keywords regarding Tirana. Since 2016 we also organize social media photo contests, engaging young people to share their beautiful photos each season in Tirana. The contests have the hash tags of each seasons, such as #TiranaSpring2021; #TiranaSummer2021 etc

We are proud of what we have done, and for all our services. Our mission is to be the most trustful information center for Tirana and the best marketing and managing organisation in the city.

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