Stay Home Today, Travel Tomorrow

Albania has been isolated for 50 years, but in this new war, we are not alone. We are part of the world, acting together, and we will win. Let’s hope for brighter days to come.

Albania is a small but beautiful country

We are not rich, but have a great heart

We are new in tourism, but we love guests

We have been isolated for 50 years

After communism we were opened to the world

Now we are facing a new war

Back to isolation again

But for a good and priceless reason

To protect our health and our family

To strengthen our ties, to care for humanity

At this war we are not alone

We are allies, happy to act together

When this isolation ends, and we win this war

Let’s visit each other, to help tourism

To know better and thank each other

Come and visit our place

Our history and values are unique

Let’s stay at home today, and travel tomorrow!

Visit Albania, love this place, be part of us!

A video produced by @dmoalbania

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