Festivali i Verës

Tirana Municipality and DMO Albania organized from 7-8 September 2018, Wine Festival in Tirana, Ndroq area. The event took place amid winery fields of Pinet, a beautiful place in front of Shesh Village,  the village where originates the grape variety Shesh. The event was a project financed by Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and RISI ALbania, as part of 100 villages initiative of Albanian Government.

The event was a festival of wine and food. Many people came from Tirana to be part of this activity. Everything started with a food and artisan fair with the products from the area. The wine was the king of table. Then a concert with folk music and dance  followed. 

Then were organized some wine games and other activities. The Mayor of Tirana, Mr Erion Veliaj attended this activity. He asked all the people to by Albanian fresh products and Albanian wine, in order to help the villagers to raise their economies.

The aim of this activity is to become annual, in order to bring tourists in this area, and to educate people with the good local tradition of wine production.