Our Projects


DMO Albania has implemented some successful projects to promote Tourism and Cultural Heritage in Albania

Visit Tirana

Visit Tirana is one of the most important projects of DMO Albania (www.visit-tirana.com). Tirana is the capital of Albania, the center of all cultural events and MICE travel. Visit Tirana tourism platform is the main source of information for all tourists visiting the city. It has a list of the best hotels, restaurants, bars in the city. All the new attractions, museums, galleries, cultural sites, main squares and neighborhoods can be found there, with plenty of suggestions what to do in Tirana. Tours are also offered according to the needs of visitors. This platform was praised by the Mayor of Tirana. The staff of Visit Tirana was named as Personality of the Year 2015 for Tirana by the Tirana Municipality.

Visit Gjirokastra

Visit Gjirokastra is another project, which is praised with the Innovation Award from Risi Turistike Albania in the 2016. Visit Gjirokastra is a project similar to Visit Tirana, which aims to promote Gjirokastra city, as a tourist destination. Gjirokastra is one of the most beautiful cities of Albania, which has a special status as a Cultural Heritage in the Unesco World Heritage List.

Visit Berat

Berat is a very old and beautiful city in the heart of Albania. It is named as the city of thousands windows, and also is part of Unesco World heritage properties.

Visit Saranda

Saranda is the southern city of Albania. It is most known for its beautiful seaside and amazing beaches, but also for the most important heritage sites Butrinti, also part of UNESCO.