DMO Albania is a nonprofit Destination Managing and Marketing Organization, based in Tirana. Our mission is to promote Albania by highlighting and marketing the rich diversity, history, landscape, and culture of each city and region in the country.  VisitTirana was the first brand launched to promote the capital. Properties include the tourism website portal and promotion branded channels through FacebooktwitterInstagram, and youTubeVisit-Tirana.com is a unique platform targeting English-speaking tourists and expats residing in Tirana, Albania. It is a central hub for all things Tirana featuring blog posts from locals on Attractions, Events, Eat & Drink, Arts & Culture, and City Tours. It also hosts a comprehensive database to search on, which is incredibly valuable because many local business don’t have a website, google business entry, or marketing in English. Visit Tirana is the resource boosting tourism. The brand is the most sophisticated and mature marketing ecosystem available in the capital.

DMO Albania aims to play a key role in long-term development of a city or region by formulating an effective travel and tourism strategy. Additional projects are currently underway especially in UNESCO sites. Visit Gjirokastra is the new project we are working for, to brand Gjirokastra in a new level. The project is supported by RISI Albania.

Our next projects are about branding Berat, Saranda and Lake Ohrid.  Tourism in the last few years has increased in Albania due to curiosity growing about a destination many people haven’t heard about. Awareness is building as well-known international media articles recommend Albania as a new destination calling it the “next big thing” in the Mediterranean for beautiful beaches at an affordable price.

With DMO Albania, a vibrant tourism scene for festivals, arts & culture, and sporting events will continue to unfold in an effort to increase tourism in this beautiful country.